Zayn Malik, who broke hearts of millions of fans when he left One Direction a few months ago to make solo music with Naughty Boy, recently had a very public spat on Twitter with his new partner, leading fans to believe that he may finally be returning to his old mates.

The rumours had only just died down when "#ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26" started trending on Twitter. Although there is no actual confirmation regarding this rumour, which suggests that Zayn is returning to One Direction, the idea seems to be stuck in fans' minds, and almost all of them know it is just wishful thinking.

Regardless, as tira loves ℋ ! (@94sidiot) suggests, "Can zayn go on twitter and tweet "It's true guys :) I'll be back with the other boys on July 26 #ZaynIsComingBackOnJuly26 :) x" PLEASE."

Although 26 July is still a few days away, this piece of news can be considered a mere rumour. The fans have, however, gotten wiser than us, and knows that Zayn returning to One Direction is just too good to be true.