"#ZaynFeatNickiMinaj" has been trending on Twitter since the morning of Wednesday, 2 September, and most Directioners are utterly confused. While Minaj's fans are vehemently denying the tag, Directioners seem clueless.

Zayn had left One Direction long before the rest of the band members decided to break up, and most Directioners had supported his decision. They still want the best for him and if this supposed singe with Minaj is what will reinvigorate his career, then they are all for it.

Here are some of the tweets that are going around with the hashtag #ZaynFeatNickiMinaj:

Meanwhile, some Twitteratti like Nicki Minaj NEWS ‏tried to come up with a smart and scientific way to find out the truth. But, they don't seem to have succeeded:

Meanwhile, a few are open-minded and optimistic enough to believe anything is possible:

louis: For all i know this could be real Everything can happen in 2015 #ZaynFeatNickiMinaj

Projeto Help 1D : The best song ❤️ #ZaynFeatNickiMinaj

ZAYN MY ONLY ONE#ZaynFeatNickiMinaj it will slay!!!!!