If you looked for signs, they were all over the place. Rumours were rife the former "One Direction" star Zayn Malik and his fiancée, "Little Mix" singer Perrie Edwards, were trying to overcome problems in their relationship. But it is all over now. The two have called it quits after two years of their engagement.

Perrie confirmed her single life by posing in pictures sans her engagement ring. She also confirmed rumours of their split during an interview on E!

Even as Zayn and Perrie have maintained a stiff upper lip, sources close to the two have said that Zayn was under constant pressure from Perrie to set a wedding date.

According to a report that appeared on Hollywood Life, it was Zayn's decision to end the engagement.

People.com also confirmed the news and stated that Zayn called Perrie two weeks ago and "said it was over."

While the 22-year-olds are nursing their old wounds, sources close to the now former couple have said that Zayn and Perrie didn't meet or talk for months, as they got busy with their schedules.

"The further they fell apart, the more anxious she got, and the more she started pressing him to set a wedding date. She pushed and pushed and finally Zayn told her he didn't want to get married," an insider told Hollywood Life.

The source added the two had a fledging sex life for months. "They barely saw each other and they hadn't even had sex in over two months." 

While neither Zayn nor Perrie have commented on their break up, their friends have been supportive. Recently, Perrie's bandmate from "Little Mix" posted a picture of a bikini-clad Perrie who posed without her engagement ring. 

The couple got engaged in August 2013.