Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid dating rumours have been running wild and strong, and the stories about this new romance have set the internet into a frenzy. In fact, the rumoured couple has been blatantly hinting that they are the hottest new couple on the block. While everyone's excited about this, One Direction former band member's ex-fiancee is least bothered, but the supermodel's ex Joe Jonas has reacted pretty strongly.

Recently, Malik and Hadid were spotted holding hands and walking around in public. Not just this, the duo -- which first met at Justin Bieber's American Music Awards after-party -- has been snapped spending time together several times in the last one week.

Now, the fans were saddened thinking about how the news is going to go down with Edwards. But, it looks like The Little Mix singer just doesn't care. According to Hollywood Life, Zayn's ex-fiancee is confident that this new romance is just a rebound relationship.

"Perrie isn't really that bothered by their relationship because she knows it's a rebound relationship for Zayn," a source said.

The report further stated that Perrie is too busy focusing on her career and has no time to compare herself to other girls. In fact, she says Gigi can have Zayn to herself. "She's having the time of her life right now in Japan and isn't preoccupied with anything Zayn related. She's not one to obsess on social media about Zayn and Gigi and she's not one to compare herself to other girls. She's done a lot of soul searching and healing from the whole heartbreak and feels like her breakup with Zayn was actually a blessing in disguise. As far as Perrie is concerned, Gigi can have him," a source added.

On the other hand, Gigi's ex Joe Jonas has expressed himself very differently, or should we say, as expected. The singer has apparently already unfollowed Gigi on Instagram and deleted a picture from his Twitter in which he's sitting with former 1D star Zayn Malik.

Well, now only time will tell if Zayn Malik-Gigi Hadid relationship is a rebound or are they here to stay.