The rumours about Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid being in a relationship have been running wild and have drawn a lot of attention in the last couple of days. If reports are to be believed, then it looks like this relationship is heating up "fast". And Justin Bieber is cashing on this as he is planning a double date with his ex Selena Gomez and this rumoured new couple. But is Taylor Swift upset with these developments? Will this become the reason for her famous girl squad splitting?

The former One Direction member and the supermodel have been dropping blatant clues about blooming new romance between them as Gigi appears in public looking like a "hot mess" on the morning after reportedly spending the night hanging out with Zayn. And Zayn, on the other hand, has been posting selfies wearing Gigi's glasses.

Zayn-Gigi met at Justin Bieber's American Music Awards after-party on 22 November and since then they have been hanging out regularly. According to reports, the two enjoyed dinner together at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles on 24 November along with Gigi's sister Bella Hadid. "They were there on their first public date together. Things are going super well for them. Zayn is really into Gigi. He knows that girls like her don't come around often, so he is keeping her close," a source told Hollywood Life.

"Gigi and Zayn couldn't keep their hands off each other. They were holding hands under the table, whispering in each others' ears, and Zayn was holding Gigi's leg. Gigi was so attached to him that she even followed Zayn outside to the patio during a smoke break," the source added.

While Zayn and Gigi are kind of on their way to becoming Hollywood's next hottest couple, there's Justin Bieber who is cashing in on this opportunity to bond with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, as he plans a double date.

The "Where Are You Now" singer is apparently panning to rent out 18,000 seat arena to watch the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" for this big double date night. "A double date is brewing and Justin wants to rent out the Staples Center and watch the new "Star Wars" and he wants to make it a double date with Gigi and Zayn. He wants to make it a fun night and one of his gifts to Selena for Christmas," a source said.

Well, but it looks like Taylor Swift is not quite happy with these developments, especially with the new romance brewing between her BFF and Zayn, who was involved in a massive Twitter feud with Tay's boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris back in August. According to the reports, the "Wildest Dreams" singer is mad at Gigi for hooking up with Malik and for breaking the girl code.

Well, with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together and with Gigi Hadid sparking dating rumours with Zayn Malik, it looks like there could be major rift in the very famous girl squad. Now, only time will tell whether Taylor Swift will be furious or forgive her girls.