After leaving One Direction only six months ago, Zayn Malik has finally made his way back to the band, reconciling with his bandmates and making things just the way it was.

Well, before you get too excited, it's actually only partially true.

"Only One Direction" is a five-piece group that was formed in 2012 as a tribute to the British-Irish band "One Direction". They consist of 20 rotating singers, out of which, five lucky guys have been handpicked to star in a new musical, "The One Direction Story".

The handpicked boys are Mathew Maguire portraying Harry Styles (21), Matt Brinkler portraying Niall Horan (22), Henry Allan portraying Liam Payne (22), Matt Ryan portraying Louis Tomlinson (23) and certainly the least, Jamie Searls portraying ex one-directioner Zayn Malik (22).

The five lucky men had performed before 10,000 festival attendants in the United Kingdom and even toured the malls of Dubai. Now they have landed themselves with the biggest opportunity of their lives to play at the Lyric Theatre from 24-28 October. It will see them depicting the exhilarating journey of five years and include 21 of their smash hits.

The greatest scare doing anything related to One Direction is their fan's reaction. The British group has the fiercest and most dedicated fan base probably after Justin Bieber. And pretending to be the boys can horribly go wrong if the fans find it disrespectful.

However, lucky for the five young men, they haven't faced any hatred yet. Instead, female fans have them tattooed on their bodies.

Jamie Searls, who plays Zayn, revealed how one woman under the Twitter handle "Up All Night Sue" has tattoos of them. Echoing Searls, bandmate Matt Brinkler who plays Niall, said that another girl, named Sarah, also got a new tattoo about the band.

Mathew Maguire who bears real brunette curls said that he "get yelled 'Harry Styles' at all the time in the street," but stressed that Harry Styles is "always one step ahead" of him and that's where he's "trying to get to".

Brinkler, the sole member of the tribute band who had the fortune to meet the real One Direction boys a few years ago, said that Harry couldn't believe there was already a show about them. He added: "I had a chat with Harry about the idea (of a show) a few years back when it all started. Maybe he'll come along."

"Only One Direction" will join the likes of Michael Jackson, Abba and Queen to have their own West End show.

Unlike them, another tribute band "One And Only Direction" that hit the spotlight earlier this year haven't been lucky enough though. The four-piece tribute band was hounded off Twitter after agitated fans started the hashtag trend #Stopyourenot1D. Here are some of the reactions from directioners.

Regardless, "Only One Direction" boys are not frightened or better say, intimidated by these stories. Brinkler said, "We're not lookalikes, we're not impersonators, so I don't think they have any reason to be angry."

These five men are undoubtedly having the times of their lives. However, how far their theory pleases the Directioners and whether they get booed off as well depends on time.

Until then, check them out on this promo video.

You can also find out more about them on their official website.