When celebrities or public personalities exit social media, it's often the equivalent to closing the door on the public eye. It's hard to relate to the scrutiny, but when they return, it often takes the edge off of them leaving in the first place.

Zaira Wasim had deleted her social media accounts yesterday after being heavily trolled over her comments on the locust attacks. However, today she made a comeback on social media platforms reasoning that she had taken a break from the noise around her. 

Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim makes comeback on Twitter

Zaira Wasim has often been the centre of controversy with her tweets and comments. So if somebody with that kind of a thick skin makes an exit from social media, it becomes a concern that perhaps something unprecedented has happened. 

A day ago, Zaira Wasim made a comment on the locust attacks by posting a religious verse from the Qur'an on Twitter. Trolls pounced on her tweet calling it insensitive and criticising her for her views. The Dangal girl then deleted the tweet, as the conversation only seemed to intensify, she deleted her account on Twitter and Instagram

Zaira Wasim

After her exit, many who supported her and didn't stand for those who had trolled Zaira began to trend the #StandWithZaira. Many defended her saying that she has the freedom to post what she feels on Twitter. Now, Zaira has made a comeback, throwing everybody off and shutting everybody down at once.

After the dramatic pause, ex-Bollywood actress Zaira returned and she replied to a tweet asking why she left when it was deactivated, "Because I'm just a human, like everyone else, who's allowed to take a break from everything whenever the noise inside my head or around me reaches its peak."

Hopefully, we'll get to see more of her tweets and opinions and this experience doesn't deter her from doing so.