Isha Sharvani, Zaheer Khan

Much before dapper cricketer, Zaheer Khan found his soulmate in ace actress Sagarika Ghatge, he was constantly linked with Isha Sharvani. From parties, events to cricket matches; the duo was spotted together almost everywhere. However, when Zaheer suddenly playing without Isha in attendance inside the stadium, everyone knew the relationship was over.

Demanding careers took a toll

Many speculated that it was their demanding careers that took a toll on their relationship. "Zaheer and I remain friends, but whether we meet or how often we meet, again these are very personal things and should stay between two people. He is focussing on his career and I am focussing on mine. We have long careers ahead of us. Right now, I'm completely focussing on my dance reality show. Every week, I have to step up to the challenge. He is an excellent cricketer and I hope he does really well. He should not shift his focus from cricket," Isha had told TOI.

Closeness with Ramona Arena

News of Zaheer Khan's alleged closeness to VJ-turned-singer Ramona Arena had also started surfacing at the same time and one wondered if that was the reason behind Isha and Zaheer parting ways.

"There has been a lot of speculation about my relationship status and there were rumours that we had purchased a house and that we were getting married... all nonsense! If it was true then I would have gotten married by now, right? I didn't want to react then and I just let people say whatever they wanted to. Our families, of course, got very worried. But what is done, is done," Isha further told the daily.

Happily married

Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge
Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge.Twitter

Zaheer Khan tied-the-knot with Sagarika Ghatge in an elaborate ceremony in November 2017 and the couple has continued to give us major relationship goals ever since. While it was Sagarika's calmness and beauty that attracted Zaheer, for Sagarika, it was Zaheer's down-to-earth behaviour despite being a big name that touched her heart. In a fun video, Zaheer had revealed that his first meeting with Sagarika's father lasted for almost three hours, while he had intended to meet him just for a few minutes.