Micromax YU: A Part Of Micromax Yet Entirely Different; Everything To Know About The New Brand
The Story Behind Micromax YU Brand and Its NameFacebook / Micromax YU

Micromax is clearly India's most talked about smartphone brand after the launch of YU's Yureka smartphone. There have been reports detailing the smartphone's availability and the specifications.  For consumers unaware of YU, here's everything you need to know about the new phone brand that has set a new standard in the budget-smartphone space.

Micromax founder Rahul Sharma explained how the YU brand is a part of the company yet entirely different from its parent company. "This is a completely different venture, it is a different company. The only common things are that I am a founder for both companies and that it is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Micromax," Sharma said in an interview with Indian Express. 

Micromax took advantage of its exclusive partnership with Cyanogen in India to power YU smartphones with the most popular custom ROM available in the market. It is one of the unique selling points for YU's Yureka phone besides the impressive specs and affordable price tag. There are some unique advantages of YU smartphones, such as it allows bootstrapping like rooting the smartphone. While other smartphones lose warranty on being rooted, YU smartphones will still honour the warranty of the smartphone till the end date.

This allows tech enthusiasts to play around with the device by making hundreds of customization to match their needs. Basically, YU is a consumer-focused brand.

"Since we consider Yu as a co-creation between the company and the user we will listen to them and give whatever customization is demanded," Sharma explained. "The Y in YU comes from you and the U from us."

The YU smartphones will be sold exclusively through Amazon.in and the company relies on social media and word-of-mouth to promote the handsets instead of expensive marketing budgets. If consumers are worried about after-sales service, YU has an on-site repair for phones. Owners of YU phones can simply raise a ticket online and have their phone repaired or replaced.