YTS and YIFY release groups were shut down by MPAA recently, raising concerns among its users about a similar fate for Demonii, the largest BitTtorrent tracker. As expected, the popular torrent tracker was permanently shut down on Monday, Torrent Freak reported. As a result, millions of users are looking for alternatives to fill the void left by Demonii.

The BitTorrent tracker software was free to use without any registrations or indexing torrents. Users simply had to choose the tracker URL while creating a torrent file. With Demonii gone, there is a lot of pressure on the torrent ecosystem.

Torrent trackers play a crucial role in peer-to-peer sharing. As Torrent Freak describes, "Trackers are similar to a DNS provider, they function as a 'phone book' pointing people to content without knowing what it is." Demonii grew to become the largest torrent tracker online handling over 50 million peers and over 2 billion connections per day.

While the loss of YTS, YIFY and Demonii will be felt across the torrent ecosystem, history has proved that such repercussions don't last long. Even during hard times, there are several options for users, which may take a while to get accustomed to. But MPAA's legal action appears to have a larger-than-expected impact in the BitTorrent world.

If you are among the ones on the lookout for a new Bittorrent tracker, here are some best alternatives for Demonii that you can use without any strings attached: