Chiragh Baloch
Chiragh Baloch

Chiragh Baloch, a YouTuber from Balochistan, started a petition for including the Balochi language in Google translate. Chiragh took it up on a prominent platform for petitioning, to voice out his concern.

Chiragh stated that the Balochi language is spoken by almost 10 million native speakers, making it 0.15% of the world's population. Furthermore, he stated that the Balochi language is spoken in the regions of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Southern Turkmenistan, Oman, India and Middle East countries. Balochi language speakers from all over World feel that 'Balochi' language should be included in Google translation as it will help them in many fields of life and it will promote and preserve their language. As of date, the petition has over 15,000 signatures and is growing with time.

Chiragh also mentioned the different dialects of the Balochi language, namely Eastem and Western dialects. Eastem dialect is influenced by Sindhi (Including Sinaiki) and Pashto language, containing words from both the language. While the Westem dialect is influenced by words from neighboring languages, such as Turkmen, Persian, Pashto, and Arabic.

This is not the first time Chiragh Baloch has done something towards his community. He is a Youtuber, Artist and software developer and has created many projects catering to the Baloch community. He, with his team at Baloch Host, another one of his projects, developed WhatsApp stickers for Baloch people. He held Baloch Tech Vision a Software exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan, providing young Baloch students with a platform to further their IT dreams. The event was a success that was attended by prominent Baloch personalities, with Rj Ana Baloch and famous Balochi poet Ishaq Khamosh as stage secretaries.

Chiragh is currently pursuing YouTube, making Vlogs and hosting his show "The Chiragh Baloch Show" which features different Baloch talents from across all over the world.