Video-sharing website YouTube on Thursday terminated an account that was posting videos of children reciting "obscene" messages written on a blackboard.

"This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines," the YouTube message said.

The account was terminated around an hour after this article was first published.

In the videos, which have now been blocked by YouTube, six to seven children were seen reciting messages like: "I got alcohol in my system, which chick gonna be my victim", "Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong" or "Feminism is Cancer", in a courtyard in some village.

The videos were posted by PenorCut, which gave the credit to one Ryan Deluca – former CEO of a workout and exercise equipment selling company named (referred to as in the introduction of the first video).

"This video is brought to you by Penor Cut Enterprises. This video was made possible by's misc section and Ryan Deluca," read the introduction of the first video posted on 14 May, 2015.

The "obscenity" was not just evident in the videos that have been posted by the user, but the comments were also vulgar as the user asked "porn addicts" to make the videos viral.

"I command all you porn addicts out there to make this video viral. You cookie cutters need to do something to get PenorCut and his crew to millionaire status," the comment by PenorCut in the last of the series of videos reads:

Petition to YouTube CEO to pull down the videos

According to a petition on, a tuition teacher used to take $5 to make the children recite the messages. "A 'tuition teacher' is charging 5 dollars to make these innocent children say these perverted lines and have their videos put up on the internet," reads the petition started by one Tejaswini Naik.

"This tuition teacher is not just making his class children say vulgar things. He is also taking money to write messages on their half-naked bodies and make them dance," the petition added.

The petitioner took to online petitioning after her request to YouTube failed. "I asked YouTube to take down the video and they said that they could not find "a violation of their community guidelines". Is exploitation of children for commercial gain and featuring them in obscene contentnot a violation?" the petition reads.

IBTimes tried contacting the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, but did not get any response. IBTimes also tried to contact Ryan DeLuca (who has been named in the introduction of one of the videos) through social media, but did not receive any reply.

The petitioner had urged Wojcicki to remove all the videos from the video-sharing website immediately.

"There is a teacher who is exploiting poor, village children by making money off their videos. These videos feature disturbing content that is in very poor taste. They also feature children's faces in obscene videos and potentially endangers them. It also encourages people to put up similar services and make money off unsuspecting children. Take down these obscene videos exploiting Indian children," Naik's letter to Wojcicki reads.

The petition was signed by 20,617 supporters when this article was written.