YouTube App launched for Windows Phones yet Again

Microsoft has officially released the Youtube video browsing app for Windows Phones in the Windows Marketplace. The application, to be more precise, is a mere link from where users get re-directed to the Youtube's mobile website.

The reviews for the application are also not much impressive. "This isn't even an app. It's just a link to the YouTube homepage through Internet Explorer (something I can do without this so-called app)," said one user. "Just when I thought google [sic] and windows were becoming friends," stated another, according to CNET.

The decision to release a Youtube application for Windows Phones have been going on from quite a few months. It has been noted that the dispute between Google and Microsoft started in May when the latter released the Youtube application for Windows 8 Phones.

Although users were satisfied with the application, it violated Google's terms by not displaying advertisements and allowing the download option for videos. As a result, Google demanded the shutdown and withdrawal of the Youtube application from Windows Marketplace. Microsoft gave an update to the application, eliminating the download option but still not making room for advertisements.

The two firms later worked out the application together which was unveiled in August. Soon enough, Google revealed that it will block the Youtube application access for Windows Phone users. The search giant wanted the Youtube application to be built using HTML5, to which Microsoft replied that the HTML5 version would be difficult and time-taking.

It seems that the new application is another disappointing release for Windows Phone users. However, it could be possible that Microsoft is working on the HTML5 version of the application behind closed doors.