Kangana Ranaut has once again trigged debate on social media, and this time she has touched upon a sensitive topic. The Queen actress mocked Priyanka Paul for speaking out on mental health and even ridiculed her appearance. 

Kangana's remarks irked social media users. And a lot of them along with influencers called out the actress for her insensitive comments.

kangana ranaut

Priyanka empathized with a social media user for having a meltdown. 

A social media user raised a vital question asking his fellow Twitter mates whether falling apart and having a meltdown is considered normal, to which Priyanka replied saying that falling apart on certain days is entirely normal.

Kangana and Priyanka

Kangana Ranaut replied to Priyanka for speaking out on mental health and even ridiculed her appearance.

Kangana wrote, "You have admitted you are suicidal, and you are toxic, you even have a creepy appearance - what is it that you don't have? Change that hairstyle ASAP and learn to meditate." (sic).

The exchange continued, with Priyanka saying, "Go f***k yourself" and Kangana replying, "No no no I am hot and sexy, and I don't do it myself".

In her latest post, Priyanka wrote, "Let's take a moment to think about how Kangana Ranaut, a 33-year-old woman, Padma Shri recipient (apart from dragging my mental health and mocking my appearance) also thinks that in 2020 having sex is some achievement".

Things didn't stop here. The social media war went on for a long time.

However, Kangana concluded the debate by blocking Priyanka.

Check out screenshots below:

Kangana Blocks Priyanka
Kangana and Priyanka
Priyanka and Kangana

Priyanka has shared a detailed note with screenshots of the exchange of tweets they had.

Priyanka and Kangana
Priyanka on instagram

Twitter users call out Kangana for her derogatory remarks. 

Several Twitter users came to Priyanka's support, criticising Kangana for her remarks. "Here's our fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India, Padma Shri award winner, Ms Kangana Ranaut", a user wrote.

Another user wrote, "I am hot and sexy, and I do it myself".

social media users call out Kangana
Social media calls out Kangana Ranaut, screengrab
Kangana Ranaut faces backlash
People support illustrator screenshot
Netizens mock kangana ranaut

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli summoned by Mumbai police for the third time

As per reports, Mumbai police on Wednesday asked actor Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel to appear before them on November 23 and 24 respectively over their "objectionable comments" on social media aimed at spreading communal tension.

This is the third time Mumbai police have asked the actor to appear before the Bandra police in the matter. They were earlier asked to be present on October 26 and 27 respectively but failed to appear. They were later asked to appear on November 9 and 10 but did not do so.

Kangana Ranaut had informed police that she was busy with a wedding in the family and will be available after November 15.

Mumbai police had issued the second notice to Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel on November 3 and ordered them to appear before it on November 9 and 10 respectively. Both the sisters were booked for allegedly promoting enmity between communities through posts on social media.