The lockdown has changed friendships, the way we celebrate and how we communicate. With social media though when you communicate you're communicating with more than just the person it's intended for. If you're as popular as celebrities are then it's just part and parcel of your existence.

Anil Kapoor was trolled earlier today when he congratulated his friend and neighbour Anupam Kapoor. Their bromance became famous last month after serenading each other from their balconies. But, now Twitter will not let the two be, as Anil Kapoor asked him to a celebratory drink, they reminded him of the lockdown.

Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kher

Anil Kapoor trolled for congratulating Anupam Kher

Gone are the days when you can ask your friends to a treat, or to hang out on a whim. It's sad but the lockdown and the current Coronavirus pandemic have made it impossible to carry on the same social habits we're so used to. Everything has changed, and Bollywood celebrities are feeling it too.

Anupam Kher posted a tweet expressing joy that his series topped the ratings. His close friend and neighbour Anil Kapoor proudly congratulated him. The actor even thought they should share a drink, "Phenomenal my friend...ek drink banta hain aaj (one drink is a must tonight)..." 

Twitter strongly disagreed with the actor. Well, as they say misery loves company. If they're not getting to share a drink with their friends, Anil Kapoor shouldn't get to either. Many replied to the actor's tweets:

Is it a lot to ask for? It's only fair, isn't it?