Val Cortez

Popular social media star Val Cortez is trending on the internet for the go-getter attitude, her curvy body posture and her life choice to live. She talks about how she was able to achieve so much in a short span of time.

She is popularly known as "Val around the world" and has around 980k followers on Instagram. She got into the limelight when she decided to leave her house and followed her passion for traveling around the world. She is one of the top streamers on a very popular social media App.

She started her career as a live streamer, she used to stream daily on the platform and used to interact with people in daily life. She believes in order to achieve success one must have the proper mindset about it. She firmly believes that the first impression is the last impression. But one should not spend so much time on his/her appearance. She focused more of her time on curating content and interacting with people. She says she was dedicated to her work and that made her story a success story. What to create is not the question but what not to create is. It takes a lot of time in research to know what sort of content should be posted. The content should not depend on what you like but it should solely depend on what your audience likes.

She is a firm believer in Mindset, she believes that life is all about what you make of it, if you can dream it, you surely can do it. She believes that life is all about how you react to a situation, whether good or bad. Being a social media star is not easy, there is a lot of negativity on the internet. You should be confident about yourself that you can face any problem. Life is full of highs and lows so in order to lead a happy life one should have a good mindset towards life.

She says she has seen a lot of this world throughout her Journey from Val Cortez to being Val around the World. She has secured her life through her social media journey. Now, this young beauty treats her fans with a variety of content right from content blogging to travel vlogging to give major travel and lifestyle goals, some of her posts have gone really viral on Instagram.