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Things are going to get rather ugly in the upcoming week of CBS' daytime soap "The Young and the Restless" when someone will go to great lengths to keep a secret from being exposed.

The main storyline will be about the exposure of something explosive contained in Austin's documentary, and the person who doesn't want the "dangerous secret" to come out is sure to do whatever it takes to prevent a leak.

The documentary that Austin was working on is not a rags-to-riches story about the Newmans and the Abbots, but rather a tell-all. Not surprisingly, there are many who wouldn't want the secrets to be revealed, and based on spoilers, the cabin killer will strike again next week.

Meanwhile, the week will begin with drama between Sage and Adam, and from the looks of it Sage wishes to end her arrangement with the latter. But according to Soap Central, it won't be an easy task for Sage to achieve, and ultimately she'll set new ground rules with Adam. She'll also realise that she would have better control over Adam if she stayed with him.

Sage will also reconsider her closeness with Gabriel when the estate lawyer becomes suspicious of their relationship.

Abby will turn for advice to Ashley, who will suggest her to make amends and set things right. This will result in Abby apologising to Summer for her affair with Austin. Sadly, Summer is not in a forgiving mood, and she even accuses Abby of murdering her husband.

Trouble seems to be brewing between Billy and Chelsea, too, as they discuss their wedding plans. Chelsea seems unsure of her future with Billy with every minute she spends with Gabriel and things get worse when Billy asks Gabriel to be his best man.

"Chelsea has inner doubts and questions her feelings about Adam and Chelsea's answer may change Genoa City forever," reported Soap Central.

In other "The Young and the Restless" news, fans will see Nikki threatening Neil to stick to their story of the accident. But Neil wants to do the right thing and confess that he caused the accident, as Christine and Paul mourn the loss of their baby.