The plot for the next episode of "Young and Restless" explores the idea of revenge. And at the forefront of the storyline is Marisa, whose plans for Marco are revealed.

The damsel strings along Marco in a relationship that turns out to be a sham. And the August 19 episode narrative will explore this. Marisa forces her beau to leave Genoa City with her, but he refuses to go anywhere. However, a few clips later, Marco falls prey to Marisa's plans. He is seen tied up to a bed and she calls Jack to exact revenge.

The episode will also explore the new relationship between Victor and Jack. Although the two don't see eye to eye, they will be forced to enter into an alliance. According to She Knows Soaps, Victor and Jack's deal is premised on hiding evidence from the police.

As the events unfold in Genoa City, newly-weds Devon and Hilary embark on their honeymoon. Their relationship seems jinxed, as trouble confronts the couple almost always. Although Devon and Hilary travel to an isolated, stunning island to spend a few days together, Hilary meets someone from her past. Will the producers give the two a break?

In the next episode, Victor-Jack, Devon-Hilary and Marco-Marisa's relationships share a common theme: blackmail.

It remains to be seen what each of them will do in the face of crisis.

'Young and Restless' airs weekdays on CBS at 12.30pm and 7pm.