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It was Victoria Rowell's diva behaviour and not racism that made her life a living hell while on "The Young and the Restless,"  a set insider has alleged.

Rowell, in a lawsuit, has claimed that she had to face a lot of discrimination, especially from show executives and producers, while she was on the show. Her castmates, including Melody Thomas Scott and Michelle Stafford have been accused of racist behaviour.

Now, a leading cast member who did not want to be identified has spoken out about these allegations, saying Rowell was a difficult person to work with, and that there was no racism involved.

"This isn't a set that has racism as part of the fabric of what makes up the cast and crew. It's a very diverse cast, and the fact is that Victoria was just difficult to work with," the insider said, according to Radar Online.

"She is tremendously talented, but like a lot of people in this business, there is a huge ego there," the source continued. "At times, Victoria did act like a diva. She would always count her lines and want to see other cast members' scripts, and could be seen comparing on screen time."

However, it was a shame that Rowell was no longer a part of the show as she was extremely popular with the fans.

"Scenes with her on-screen and off-screen nemesis Michelle Stafford were legendary! There was absolutely no love lost between those two," the source said. In the lawsuit, Rowell claims that Stafford "spat" on her on set, "called me a 'freak' then screamed, 'no one here likes you.'"

Although Rowell now wants an opportunity to return to the show, as well as be compensated for mental anguish, the show insider noted that it was unlikely we'll see her on the daytime drama soon.

"The chances of Victoria returning are very slim," the source told Radar Online.