Shubham Saurav
Shubham Saurav

From launching his first company at the age of 19 to becoming one of the 'Top Marketing Strategist in the World' at a mere age of 21. The story of this young Indian is very Inspiring.

Shubham Saurav is the CEO of AigMaa Media Group, a full-service Advertising & Consulting Firm based in New Delhi, India, servicing fortune 500 clients across the world and also the CEO of Srimply Media, a modern-day Digital Agency, working with high-end Businesses and managing some of the top Celebrities, Influencers & Public figures at a global level.

As an entrepreneur mindset, Shubham has a keen interest in solving complex real-world problems, and with the help of a powerful network of people, he posses, executing those ideas and coming up with an ideal solution is what he is known for.

Shubham Saurav is one of the Youngest serial Entrepreneurs in the world who is working with fortune 500 clients, helping them improve their branding and marketing strategy with the help of a statistical data approach.

Having a stronghold over the International network of the Influencer community, Shubham is often consulted by top public figures for improving their Personal Branding.

Talking to him when we asked, how he had achieved all this at such a young age, he replied, When I launched my first company at the age of 19, It was not able to do well because of lack of marketing implementations. I thought of solving this problem and later I started reaching out to different clients across the world and helping them solve this problem. With time our firm helped some of the top-notch Global level Businesses to strategize a better way of marketing there product/services.

The story of this young Indian is very inspiring and he continues to glorify the name of his nation globally.