Anuj Choudhary

India has been one of the topmost countries in the world when it comes to cricket. And thanks to young cricketers like Anuj Choudhary, the future of the country too looks exciting.

Anuj has been playing cricket since a tender age of 11 years. Born in Rajasthan, and currently living in Delhi, he is a right-hand batsman & right-arm off-spin bowler who has always been passionate about the sport. His passion is such that even some of the worst situations couldn't break him. He used setbacks to boost his strength and came back even stronger.

But where does his passion for cricket stems from? What makes cricket so special and different from other sports for him? He says that the fact that it's a team game and along with that also makes you push yourself individually.

"Sometimes you are in the lead role and other times you have to play a helping hand. This makes the game beautiful. Cricket being almost a religion in our country makes it different from other sports. The emotion attached is different." he explains.

He is currently working hard for the upcoming Ranji Trophy and plans to make a strong impression with his performance. The new year has started on a good note for him and he has been in good form.

Apart from Ranji, he is also excited for ongoing and upcoming local and big tournaments. He is set to participate in some cash prize tournaments from various states.

Fitness plays a crucial role in any sport and to perform well on a regular basis, you need to be on your A game. He makes sure to keep his fitness levels high by striking a balance between diet and training. He says that fitness requires consistency and the crucial part to stay fit is diet + training. According to him, diet plays a major role in the fitness journey.

Talking about his fitness journey, he says, "I train in the morning and there is a practice session in the evening on most days! 4 days practice, 2 days match & 1 day off."