As soon as former U-KISS member Dongho announced that he is getting married to his girlfriend of one and a half years, social media has been abuzz with news about it being a shot-gun wedding. After all, Dongho is only 22 (according to Korean standards).

However, debunking all such rumours, he announced that it is in fact love that they have for each other, that has got them to think about marrying. He agrees that he and the would-be wife are both young, but even as they had just begun dating, the couple had discussed marriage.

However, their family stopped them, asking them to wait for a while and see each other for a bit longer before making such a life-changing decision. "To others, our relationship period may seem a bit short, but we got to know each other plenty and prepared [for marriage] little by little. I don't think I need to say how much we love each other when we decided to marry at such a young age," AllKPop quotes them as saying.

The "Don't Cry Mommy" star is set to marry his girlfriend in November, which will make his the youngest South Korean music idol to get married. The said girlfriend remains a mystery, but is reportedly a year or two older than Dongho.

Dongho had been one of the more popular members of U-KISS and although his departure from the band after being diagnosed with lung inflammation devastated his fans, his band-mates supported his decision. Although he has cut down on his celebrity life style, Dongho is still very popular on social media and is regularly in touch with his former band-mates.

Sourced from: All K Pop