ABC will air season 2 episode 12 of "Young & Hungry" on Wednesday, 26 August. It will mark the second episode after the show returned since its mid-season hiatus and Gaby's return from his internship at Switzerland.

In episode 11 "Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back", we saw Gaby (Emily Osment) and Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) get to a place of friendship and understanding. However, it is quite evident that both of them want more than friendship with each other. In fact, when Josh thought that his prospective business partner Kal (Satya Bhabha) was interested in Gaby, he flew a drone into his house to spy on them.

In "Back to Normal", Josh will have to come to terms with Gaby dating other men, because one special hottie from "Pretty Little Liars" is heading over to "Young & Hungry" as her new love interest. Keegan Allen, who played Toby Cavanaugh in "PLL", will be seen as a hot homeless dude in the ABC comedy series.

"He's a transient that lives in his car, parks underneath (Gabi's) building and meets her under very interesting circumstances... You could say it has to do with undergarments," Allen told TV Line regarding his character.

In the promo, Gaby and Allen's character are seen telling each other that neither of them have a boyfriend, with the latter clarifying that with his haircut, it is important to mention that.

Watch out for season 2 episode 12 of "Young & Hungry" at 8.00 pm (EST) on ABC Family.