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Victoria Newman and Billy Abbot, who had been trying for a baby, might have split, but that does not mean Victoria has given up hopes of becoming a mother one more time.

Speculations are rife that the character will be shown as pregnant in the coming weeks, but it is yet unsure whose baby it is. Both Victoria and Billy had expressed their intention to have a baby before his affair flared up with Kelly. But since their split, Victoria has been hooking up with Stitch, and their recent drunken love scene is what has sparked pregnancy rumors.

Fans are divided on whom they want as the father. While one section of people want Billy, as they hope the baby will reunite the couple, others believe Stitch would be a better partner for Victoria.

Elsewhere, Lauren will reveal her pregnancy news to Michael, but fans believe it might be a case of menopause or some other medical issue. They believe that it is too late for the 50-something couple to have a baby at this stage in their lives.

Meanwhile, the future of Adam Newman is still unsure. Although last week saw Chelsea being told that her husband is really dead, spoilers for the week ahead suggest that Chelsea as well as Victor will have to deal with some unexpected news.

While the previous episode showed Newman appearing in a black hoodie with his back to the camera, indicating that he is still alive, it is not yet sure who has replaced Michael Muhney.

It has been more than three months since Muhney's exit from the show, but fans are yet to accept the possibility of a new actor replacing Muhney.

"Who cares who replaced Adam," a fan wrote on Soap Opera Spy's Facebook page. "I don't support this who thing. No MM, no Adam. You can occasionally recast someone and it works but in this case. The people in charge of Y & R continue to make bad decisions."

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