No CyanogenMod For OnePlus One In India; Is It Reason Enough To Ditch The Worthy Phone?
OnePlus One In India Will Not Carry CyanogenMod; What Are Your Options?OnePlus

"Black Friday just got brighter," says OnePlus, and it has indeed. OnePlus just announced that its critically-acclaimed OnePlus One phone is finally available through direct orders from the company's official store on the occasion of Black Friday. That's right! Available in both 16GB and 64GB versions, the OnePlus One smartphone will not require a company's invite for purchase.

That's currently one of the greatest news for those who have been trying to get the handset for a long time through contests and invites. Here's one chance that can finally guarantee you a device without going through the company's standard invite-only method. Once ordered, OnePlus has guaranteed that the smartphone will arrive before December 25. So your Christmas gift will be delivered just in time.

OnePlus One is available in two colors, Silk White, which is limited to the 16GB model, and Sandstone Black for the 64GB version. The 16GB version seems to be in more demand than its higher-end model as it has an estimated shipping time of up to 10 working days against 5 business days for the 64GB One.

There is no discount on the OnePlus One price as the 16GB model sells for $299 and the 64GB version is $50 extra, at $349.

OnePlus Black Friday sale does not end with its flagship smartphone. OnePlus accessories for the One smartphone are also on discount like the JBL E1+ earphones are 20% cheaper at $31.99, OnePlus Silver Bullet earphones for$11.99, tempered glass screen protector for $10.39, flip cover for $11.99, data cable for $7.99 and others.

OnePlus One will continue its direct sale method only while stocks last. So, act fast if you need one.