It is no secret that Shraddha Arya and Anjum Fakih have been one of the closest friends industry. The two have been working together on the popular show - Kundali Bhagya - for several years now. Shraddha and Arya's latest picture, however, has left netizens enraged. Reason? Shraddha seems to be touching Anjum's breast in the picture.

Shraddha Arya, Anjum Fakih
Shraddha Arya, Anjum FakihInstagram

The mirror selfie that features the two has left netizens fuming over "sanskaar" and "culture". Now, whether this was accidental, intentional or done just in humour we can't say for sure. But, here's what netizens have said about the picture. "Disgusting ladies," wrote one user. "Shameless women," commented another.

"This is not expected from Shraddha," said one user. "They must have seen and should have changed pose before posting," opined a netizen. "This is a new low," commented another netizen.

Anjum's cheeky caption

Sharing the picture, Anjum wrote, "None had the courage so far, None has nudged like thee, None has raised a bar so far, None has this audacity, It might be inappropriate for some, Some might question my dignity, But all I know with love so far. You have all the rights on my titties (Sorry for the worst rhyme ever) But I love thee @sarya12."

There were many celebs who praised and commended the two for the picture as well. "Hahaha @nzoomfakih classic," Hansika Motwani said. "Reena Aggarwal wrote, "Itni hot ladkiyaan... baba re baba." "Somebody call 911 ! Fireee," another celeb commented.