Sharon Stone on Vogue Portugal and in Basic Instinct
Sharon Stone on Vogue Portugal and in Basic Instinct.Instagram

Hollywood star Sharon Stone has recreated her 'iconic' scene from her 1992 erotic movie Basic Instinct for Vogue Portugal's May 2019 cover for their 'Sex Issues' series. In the scene, Sharon Stone is seen with Michael Douglas, who is a detective interrogating her. The 61-year-old actress in an interview to Vogue Portugal magazine has said, "I still know I am sexy".

Sharon Stone has also revealed sexual harassment on the sets of the sequel Basic Instinct 2, by director Michael Caton-Jones. The movie released in 2006 and did not do well as compared to the original. The reason for this, according to Stone, is the atmosphere on set thanks to the director Jones.

While talking to Vogue Portugal, Sharon Stone said that the director asked her to sit on his lap every day. "I worked with a director on 'Basic 2' who asked me to sit on his lap each day to receive his direction, and when I refused he wouldn't shoot me. This went on for weeks. I had a two-week-old baby when this started. I can say we all hated that and I think the film reflects the quality of the atmosphere we all worked in."

"When I entered the business (Hollywood), the term 'fuckable' was used to see if you were employable. The studio executives sat around a large table and discussed whether or not each of us was, in fact, 'fuckable'. They thought I was not," said Stone.

The actress also revealed, "I gave this some hard thought as I wanted to work, so I did a strategically planned semi-naked Playboy shoot. Did I fit the part? Obviously not. Did I use my brain to figure out how to appear 'fuckable'? You bet.... So no, is the answer. I didn't and I don't [feel like a sex symbol]."

In support of the #MeToo Movement, Sharon Stone bared her heart out. She also talked about the male-dominated Hollywood industry. "Most films are written by men, directed by men, made by men, with the male mentality. Not at all considering how women actually are, how we do think and feel. That is why many of my characters are drunk or drug addicts or crazy, that is the only way I could support their behaviour honestly," she said.