The superstar from the Kapoor clan Shammi Kapoor had a romantic life which was no less than a Bollywood movie. He fell in love several times and got married twice before he finally had his happily ever after.

While most of us are aware of his flings with Nutan and Egyptian beauty Nadia Gamal, not many know that once he was head over heels for the queen of Bollywood Madhubala.

shammi kapoor and madhubala

Although Madhubala was seriously involved with Dilip Kumar and everyone was aware of their tragic love story, Shammi couldn't resist himself from falling in love with her.

Rock and Roll Kapoor, Shammi, had once fallen hard for Madhubala and always used to say that her aura is 'just out of this world'. Shammi Kapoor once revealed that "When I met her on the set of Rail Ka Dibba for the first time, I could not take my eyes off her. I was like hit by a thunderbolt."

Madhubala was breathtakingly beautiful: Shammi Kapoor

Shammi Kapoor, who was mesmerised by the beauty of Madhubala couldn't stop gushing about her during an old interview. As per the records, he went on to accept that he was deeply in love with the Anarkali of Bollywood.

shammi kapoor and madhubala

"She was breathtakingly beautiful... Woh jab paani peeti thi toh aisa lagta tha jaise yahan se (runs his finger down his neck) ek nas mein se paani guzarta hua neeche ja raha hai... (when she drank water, it was as if I could see water flowing down her throat). She was so delicate," said Shammi.

Kapoor knew that Madhubala will never leave Dilip Kumar but he still never shied away from expressing his love. "I must admit, in spite of knowing that Madhu was already in love, I could not resist falling madly in love with her. No one can blame me for it," said Kapoor.

Madhubala and Shammi Kapoor

Though he was aware of Madhubala-Dilip Kumar's epic affair, he went to Madhubala with a marriage proposal, only to get his heartbroken.

Why Shammi-Madhubala never got married?

When lover boy Shammi Kapoor proposed Madhubala, who was his co-star in many movies, she giggled and rejected him, leaving him heartbroken. Sadly, when Shammi reached home, crying, to get comfort from her, she also snubbed at him saying how could he even think about marrying a Muslim girl?

"Are you in your senses? You can't marry her, she is a Muslim. There will be too many problems," she had warned him tersely.

Madhubala and Shammi Kapoor

Shammi was heartbroken, but he never blamed Madhubala for rejecting him. "To be fair to Madhu, even though she kept teasing and tantalising me, she never let me forget that she was madly in love with Yusuf (Dilip Kumar). She could never resist mentioning Yusuf at the slightest opportunity. She seemed to feel motherly towards me, said Kapoor.

Just like Madhubala life, Shammi was also not able to enjoy marital bliss with his love Geeta Bali for long as she died because of smallpox.