Shah Rukh Khan
Pictured: Shah Rukh Khan promoting Dilwale on a TV show.Varinder Chawla

As makers scout for suitable release dates for "Raees," Shah Rukh Khan talks about how indestructible his character from the film, Raees Alam, is. He specifically says, "You cannot mess with Raees."

"Raees," which is being tagged as an action-thriller, is not peppered with fight scenes. The superstar says action sequences are crucial to the film's plot and much-needed, but at the same time aren't endless.

"'Raees' is not completely an action film, I would rather call it an intense drama. There are about four to five action sequences but they are not elongated. It is not like fight goes on and on, it is there because action is needed at that time," Catch News quoted him as saying.

Describing the action in Rahul Dholakia's film as "hard-hitting," Shah Rukh said the sequences are different from those in "Fan." "Having said that, the action in Raees is very hard hitting and very different from Fan because when Raees fights, he is going to win," he added.

The Maneesh Sharma directorial has "four really nice action sequences," of which the makers had to do away with one, as it was stretching the run-time. He said the action in "Fan" is in a "real zone" but there's one scene for which he had to fly, but that was strictly because the script demanded it.

"I want to show it to my kids because it is a very good action sequence and I have done some really cool stunts," he said.

Genre wise, both the films — "Fan" and "Raees" — are in different spaces. In "Fan," SRK experiments with a theme he hasn't touched before and "Raees" takes the actor few decades back where he essays the role of shrewd bootlegger.