Yemeni army officers and troops perform prayers during the funeral procession of soldiers killed by Saudi-led airstrike on an army base in al-Abr on the border with Saudi Arabia July 11, 2015.Reuters File

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces broke the temporary humanitarian truce within hour and resumed its onslaught on Yemen capital, killing 10 people on Sunday.

The United Nations had brokered a peace deal between Yemen and Saudi Arabia to ensure that Yemeni citizens could get the much needed humanitarian assistance. As per the agreement, both the sides were to observe a humanitarian ceasefire starting midnight of 10 July till the end of Ramadan on 17 July.

Reuters reported that the Saudi coalition war planes continued bombing the capital even on Sunday, killing at least 10. The Associated Press reported that the Saudi-led coalition carried out the airstrikes after a ground fight broke out between Shia Houthi rebels and their rivals in Taiz.

AFP noted that both sides are currently engaged in a "fierce fighting" as they blamed each other for not taking the humanitarian peace deal seriously.

Eight members of a family travelling in a convoy were killed on Saturday in al Baida in an air raid, while two other civilians were killed in Taiz.

The Houthi-run Saba news agency claimed that the Saudi airstrikes killed 12 people, including two children.