Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
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In the latest development in "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein", Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is seen happy with her daughter Ruhi's visit to her place to attend a function.

Although Ruhi avoids her Ishima throughout the function, the latter didn't seem to mind as Ruhi is having fun with the rest of the family.

On returning to Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) after day-long fun, little Ruhi narrates how much she enjoyed with Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita and the rest.

However, this doesn't go down well with cunning Shagun, who thinks that Raman is probably trying to persuade Ruhi to return to his family.

Shagun, who has always tried to create a rift between Raman and Ishita, then plots a plan to bring further trouble the much-in love couple.

She calls Raman and informs him that ever since Ruhi returned from his home, she seems to be missing him and hence they should have dinner together to cheer her up.

However, she warns Raman not to bring Ishita along as Ruhi might not be happy with her presence.

While Ishita was upset for not able to join them, Raman asks her to make a surprise entry to the restaurant.

But unfortunately, Shagun gets a hint of Ishita joining them at the restaurant and immediately changes her mind to cook dinner at home. Raman, Shagun and Ruhi are then seen spending quality time over dinner without Ishita.

Failing to meet her child, Ishita then expresses her insecurity to her mother. She explains how she is gradually losing Ruhi to Shagun and now Raman too seems to be happy spending time with his ex-wife.

It now remains to be seen if Shagun, who until now has failed to separate Raman and Ishita, succeeds in creating differences between them.