Divyanka Tripathi, Amit Tandon
Divyanka Tripathi, Amit TandonDivyanka Tripathi/ Instagram

Star Plus hit show "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" has been engaging viewers by bringing in a lot of twists and turns.

In the latest development in the show, entire Bhalla family seems to be excited with Subbu and Simi engagement ceremony. Both the families plan out the details of the wedding as well.

However, soon the ceremony was interrupted by Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), who came in to meet Aditya.

But she was shocked to see ACP Abhishek at the ceremony, who recognised her and informed the Bhallas that she was planning a trip to Australia to attend to her ailing mother. This made Shagun panic and take a quick exit from the Bhalla house. Her sudden exit left Ishita in suspicion.

Meanwhile, Raman (Karan Patel) seems to be in a romantic mood and let Ishita (Dibyanka Tripathi) know that despite her being unable to bear children, they can give it a try. He even mentioned that he met a doctor during his trip to the US, who assured them that Ishita is capable of conceiving.

However, amidst the happy moment, a surprising twist occurs. Subbu (Amit Tandon), who was initially introduced as Ishita's ex-lover turned well-wisher, seems to have planned a plot against Ishita and Raman.

Subbu, who until now has been a calm and composed person, is seen losing his cool with someone over the phone while Sujata calms him down. The episode ended in a suspicious note with Sujata advising him to take his regular medicines to control his anger. She even reveals that they need to remain focused as they are nearing their goal.

It now remains to be seen what Subbu and Sujata are conspiring against the Bhallas to ruin their lives.