Divyanka Tripathi is enjoying every bit of fame "Yeh Hai Mohabbatien" has brought her, but the leading lady has not forgotten the struggles on her journey to the top.

Much before she became a household name, Divyanka was living out of a 1BHK room, sleeping on the floor, and making 12-hour-long bus trips to Mumbai.

While most would regret having lived in such adverse conditions, this leading lady says she enjoyed every bit of it.

But this wasn't the least of her lows. Right after signing "YHM", she faced fierce troubles. The show hadn't received a time slot and waiting for it to go on air was getting difficult.

However, Divyanka says she was grateful for having gone through a tough phase in life as she gets to appreciate her life and work more now.

She also said that doing comedy shows before signing the hit daily soap helped her prepare for the role of Ishita Bhalla.

Divyanka also spoke at length about the time when she was suffering from a slip disc injury but her tight schedule didn't give her the time to sit back and relax.

The TV star may be basking in the glory of all the success she has achieved by working hard, but fame comes with a price.

She was recently linked to co-star Vivek Dahiya and Karan Patel. However, she denied the rumours saying she is enjoying singlehood, and that there's nothing between her and the co-stars.

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