Showbiz is a tricky place to be in. It gives you fame and money, but ruins the privacy. Most stars ignore speculations and rumours, which shroud them so heavily, but only to a certain point.

"Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actress Divyanka Tripathi has often made headlines for being friendly with her co-stars Karan Patel and Vivek Dahiya and she's not very pleased about it.

Talking to The Asian Age, she said they often laugh off these rumours and it's really not fair to link them romantically. What's funny to this leading lady is fans wanting her to be with Karan only because they love their onscreen chemistry.

"I don't pay attention to these things but it's strange that my fans want to see him with me. We're professionals who take our work very seriously. Moreover, he's a married man now and we don't share any such vibes at all," she told the leading daily.

On being linked up with Vivek, whom she's closest to on the sets, she said it hurts when people malign her name, character and make false announcements.

"There are always people making up stories and that really upsets me. I don't wish to curse anyone. I just feel bad when women especially try to sabotage the image of another woman," she further elaborated.

Interestingly, speculations have never dampened her spirit. She told the publication at times like these she prefers talking to people with positive energy.

In other news, Karan, who too doesn't appreciate such baseless relationship rumours, once said that some should learn to respect people's private lives.