Divyanka Tripathi is on a roll. "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" has brought on unbelievable stardom to the actress. After she crossed 300k followers on Instagram, fans went all out to celebrate the new milestone.

While getting the actress mints and flowers of her choice is imaginable, but her admirers went a step ahead this time. They got a star registered under her name.

According to an HT city report (25 July), the star HD316224 in the Sagittarius constellation has been named after the actress.

Tripathi is decidedly thrilled with the news and has shared a photo of the registration certificate on Instagram.

She wrote, "...My fans make me smile. This time they made me cry." So m a #Star Finally! #StarNamedDivyankaTripathi #SuchLove #ThankU #Divians (sic)."

Talking to the leading daily, she says she was overwhelmed with all the love she received and also got a little teary-eyed.

"I feel humbled after receiving so much love. I am in seventh heaven. If a boy gave me this gift, he would have swept me off my feet. But my fans won! I'll never forget this experience," she added.

This is no mean feat, as Madhuri Dixit Nene too has a star in Orion constellation named after her.

Earlier, when she completed 250k followers on Instagram, her fans got her a bouquet with 250 roses, from which she made some rose jam.

Check out the photo below: