Rocking Star Yash, who has become a household name among the Indian cine goers, has spoken about success, defeat and various other aspects of his life at an event in Bengaluru. Anchor Anushree asked him lot of non-filmy questions for which Rocky Bhai has given his honest response or pearls of wisdom for his fans. Here are the one-word questions and his answers to it.

Growth: There should be some improvement today from what we ever yesterday and should be some growth tomorrow from what we are today.

Change: Inevitable.

Victory: Everybody desires to win. One should give what it takes to emerge victorious. Prepare well and and work hard, victory will be yours.

Defeat: One should wonder 'what is it?' Never gives space for negativity.

Competition: One cannot achieve anything without competition. In my life, I respect my competitors because they are the ones who bring the best out of me. The challenge that they throw at us and the thought of being above them make you to give your best. We should love them.

Yash in KGF
Rocking Star Yash in KGF.PR Handout

Inspiration: Life. Survival. Inspiration doesn't come from outside. If you get inspired from what Yash says it does not last long or if you get motivated from reading some books or quotes, it is temporary. When we face difficulties and there is no door to escape, it is about the live and death situation, even a small insect will fight back. After all, rocket won't fly unless there is fire behind its back.

Respect: It should not be demanded. According to me, one that gives in front of us is not respect. The things that people say even when you are not around, I consider it respect.

Self Respect: One should not live without self-respect. 

Kannada: My breath.

Cinema: My heart. Radhika (Yash's wife) might get angry saying that it is with her (laughs).

Fans love: I have given them the place equal to my parents and family members. I think they want to see my growth more than what my parents want me to achieve in life. There are people who wished from the days I was working TV serials to become a star someday. Such people are no less to my parents.

Dreams: Do not get satisfied from what I have just achieved till now. To some stage, we might not have a clear picture on our dreams and we might have a blurry visuals of our destination. But once you reach there, you know that there is a new world out there. So, I am in such situation. Your support has given strength to me and with your blessings I would try to achieve the feat which will make you proud.