Yash and HD Kumaraswamy
A collage of Yash and HD Kumaraswamy.PR Handout

Rocking Star Yash is not the one who takes unpleasant comments coming his way lightly and often gives befitting replies to those who verbally attack him. This time, the KGF star has courageously responded to the veiled digs made by Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

When a reporter asked during an election campaign about HD Kumaraswamy's latest potshots, the Rocking Star mocked the Chief Minister by indicating that his son is born with a silver spoon and coming under the Sun for campaigning is difficult for him and not vice-versa.

What came as a surprise was Yash's daring dig to remind Kumaraswamy that he was not elected as the Chief Minister by the seven crore people of Karnataka. His party JD(S) had won 37 seats in the last assembly election and ended at the third place. Yet he managed to get the Chief Minister's post in the coalition government with Congress.

"I was born in a government hospital and grew up like an ordinary man. My father is a bus conductor. I bought my car and house from my hard work and struggles. For me, sweating out under the sun or staying under the shadow does not make much difference. So, I believe he is talking about the person (Nikhil Gowda) who has come out to campaign for the first time," Yash added.

What Exactly Did Kumaraswamy say?

They (Yash and Darshan) are accustomed to having assistants holding umbrellas to shield them from the Sun. Now that they are campaigning under the Sun, they will understand the paint that the farmers face on daily basis.

Till now, Sandalwood has always maintained to have a cordial relationship with all the political parties and especially with the JD(S). Even Darshan has refused to comments on the digs from the JD(S) and HD Kumaraswamy.

However, Yash is probably the first person from the Kannada film industry who has given a counter-attack to Kumaraswamy. 

Darshan and Yash have put their weight behind Sumalatha, who is taking on Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil Gowda as an independent candidate in Lok Sabha election from the Mandya constituency.