Yash with Radhika
Yash and Radhika Pandit will tie the knot in December or January. Pictured: A still from their Kannada movie PR Handout

Yash and Radhika Pandit, who got engaged last Friday, Aug. 12, have finally spoken up about their relationship for the first time. The couple opened up about their affair at a press conference held in Bengaluru.

Yash said that it was not an intentional decision on their part to invite only a few people to their engagement ceremony, and defended his decision by saying that the couple did not have enough time to invite everyone. However, the "Masterpiece" star promised that they will invite as many people as possible for their wedding.

Yash also revealed that while they are yet to fix a date for the wedding, it is likely to be held in December or January.

The actor came up with a smart reply when asked about his decision to get engaged in Goa, at a time when Karnataka is engaged in water dispute with the state. Yash said that Goa is not part of Pakistan and very much belongs to India. The actor refused to talk about the issue and claimed that he has done his bit for the draught-hit villages of North Karnataka.

Radhika Pandit, on her part, said that they were in a relationship for the last five years although they shared good friendship for 10 years. She revealed that it was Yash who confessed his love first. The "Hudugaru" actress admitted that she did not agree instantly and took time to accept his proposal.

Adding an interesting line to their story, Radhika claimed that she was first introduced to his mother at his house on the occasion of Varamahalakshi festival several years ago. The senior lady took no time to say that Radhika would be her daughter-in-law as she was the first girl to visit their house with Yash. 

Radhika also clarified that she would not bid goodbye to acting post her marriage. The actress has always preferred good roles and would continue to act if she gets performance-oriented characters, the "Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari" actress declared. Yash too supported her decision and said that he has no objection to it.