Sudarshan Rangaprasad and Yash
Sudarshan Rangaprasad and Yash.PR Handout

Actor and stand-up comedian Sudarshan Rangaprasad is on the receiving end from the fans of Yash over a joke on the KGF star in one of his earlier shows. He also allegedly received death threats from miscreants who demand him to remove the video from YouTube.

Sudarshan Rangaprasad has filed a complaint with Bengaluru Cyber Crime Cell in connection with the issue. He has also appealed the fans of Yash to stop the harassment, while stating that he has not made disrespectful comments against the Kannada actor.

In a stand up comedy show, two years ago, Sudarshan Rangaprasad had mimicked Yash's dialogue to showcase how people around him would come up with advises during his PUC days. His joke has not gone well with the fans of Yash. Particularly, he reference on Rocky Bhai over excessive build-up in his movies has apparently hurt the fans.

On his Facebook page, Sudarshan Rangaprasad shared the screen shots of abuses and threats that he received and wrote that he mimicked Yash's dialogue in the two-year old video to present the reactions of his family members and people from his college in a lighter way. The actor, who had worked with Yash in Pawan Wadeyar's Googly, claims that he had not criticised the KGF star, yet he is giving an apology for his comment if his comments had hurt them.

Yash Fans Abuse Sudarshan Rangaprasad
Here is how Yash fans viciously trolled Sudarshan Rangaprasad.Facebook

"I have worked with Yash and a fan myself of him. People are mistaking my comment and abusing me badly. I request them not to take the joke, very seriously, and stop this trolling immediately. I did to intend to hurt or disrespect anyone," he added.

The actor adds that he is getting abusive SMSes and death threats from the fans. "I am sure your Yash would not approve of your behaviour," he concluded. 

Sudarshan Rangaprasad is an engineer-turned-actor and part of Lolbagh, a stand-up comedy group. He has acted in a couple of movies that includes Preethi Geethi Ityaadi.