Yahoo Ditches Traditional Password Logins For Random Code Generator; How To Activate [STEPS]
Yahoo Launches Password-Free Logins; Basically A Two-Factor Authentication Minus The First Step

Yahoo is leading the pack towards a new login method, offering heightened security to its users. The internet search company is making login passwords a thing of the past with its new "on-demand" passwords. Using this latest technique, users can simply log in to their accounts with a short password sent to the registered phone instead of remembering the complex alpha-numeric password. Yahoo sees it as a secure way of logging into an account as not all users have a secure, crack-proof password.

Yahoo launched the "on-demand" passwords during a session at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. As CNET reported the news, Yahoo VP Dylan Casey said the new feature is "the first step to eliminating passwords." This looks like a step up to the optional two-factor authentication, which has witnessed a slow adoption by web services around the world.

Two-step authentication requires both user passwords as well as an on-demand code that is sent to the registered mobile number. The elimination of the first step in order to simplify the process of logging in has raised several security concerns among critics. Although the codes are randomly generated, it requires users to keep their phones with them before logging into an account. But the problem mounts when the user loses his or her phone, putting the security of their accounts at high risk.

As long as the attackers do not gain physical access to your mobile phone, it gets difficult for them to hack into accounts. The new on-demand password login is live and users can activate it by following these simple steps.

How To Activate On-Demand Passwords?

  • Login to your Yahoo account.
  • Go to account information page by clicking on your name on the top right corner.
  • Select "Account Security" on the left.
  • Turn on "On-Demand" passwords.
  • Register your phone number.

With these steps, you've successfully activated on-demand password login for your Yahoo account. The next time you login to your account, the password field will be replaced by a button that reads "send my password". Every login attempt will generate different passwords and users will not have to remember any of them.