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Malayalam movie titled Y garners positive response from the audience.Y Malayalam Movie/Facebook

Malayalam movie titled Y, released on November 17, has been garnering a positive response from the audience despite being a small budget entertainer with many newcomers in main roles.

Directed by Sunil Ibrahim after Arikiloraal and Chapters, the thriller goes through some unexpected events that happen near a street from 8 pm to 10 pm. A woman going missing and how people in the locality react to it form the storyline of Y.

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The movie, shot in 22 days in Thiruvananthapuram, has Alencier Ley Lopez, Dheeraj Denny, Jins Baskar, Shini Ambalathodi, Sruthi Susen Sam, Reshma Shenoy, Abhiram Suresh, Anoop Ramesh, Safeer Sait, Rajagopalan P and almost 40 newcomers in significant roles. Many of them have also played important roles is Abhiram Suresh Unnithan's recent movie Himalayathile Kashmalan.

While Promod Bhaskar and Mejo Joseph have handled the music and background score, the movie has been produced under the banner of Vibezon Movies.

Many celebrities have been praising the entire team of Y for coming up with such an interesting movie. Celebs like Nivin Pauly, Tovino Thomas, Aju Varghese, Midhun Manuel Thomas, Ganesh Raj, Asif Ali, Basil Joseph, Vishnu Govindan and Anil Radhakrishna Menon, among many others have also requested the audience to support the movie by watching in theatres.

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Nivin Pauly

Hearing excellent reviews about Y Malayalam Movie from all over! It's a convincing thriller narrated in a refreshing way. Director Sunil Ibrahim must be praised for introducing so many new faces. Dheeraj Denny, you have done a commendable job! Congrats to the entire team. Do make time and watch this film in theatre folks! This will surely leave you on the edge of your seat! #YMovie

Midhun Manuel Thomas

Y - A pretty neat and engaging thriller..The highlight is that majority of the artists are fresh and newcomers..!! Congrats dear friend Sunil Ibrahim for this worthy, bold attempt and emerging winner despite the budgetary and production constraints...!! Congrats to the whole crew and cast..

Ganesh Raj

Y Malayalam Movie is a very well made thriller that is quite relevant to our times. There are a host of well written characters and scenes and the central premise has enough mystery to keep us glued to our seats throughout, at a crisp 1h40m the film never has a dull moment.

Special congrats to Sunil Ibrahim ikka for introducing so many new faces, their performances are top notch and after the first scene, you rarely get the feeling that you're watching first timers on screen. Dheeraj Denny super happy to see you on screen da! I'm sure you're going to go a long way.

Guys, I personally know how challenging it is to make a film with newcomers and then to turn it into a success, I strongly urge everyone to give this film a shot. You won't be disappointed.

The independent film movement in Malayalam is slowing picking up pace and the only ones who can accelerate it is you guys the audience. So please go watch this one in theater, don't let it be another one of those "torrent" hits. Let films like this be an inspiration to everyone wanting to get into this industry! #Ymovie P.S : watch and promote good attempts in the theatres itself guys..

Asif Ali

Hearing good reviews :)
Congrats team 'Y'

Tovino Thomas

Hearing very good reviews about the movie !
Congrats Team 'Y' Dheeraj Denny Sunil Ibrahim

Basil Joseph

Sunil Ibrahim's "Y" is getting unanimously positive reviews all over. Hearty congrats to the entire cast and crew. Being a small movie, not with a boasting star cast, "Y" definitely needs all your support. I humbly request you all to watch it in theatres and appreciate the hardwork of people behind it. Thank you

Vishnu Govindan

This sort of progressive filmmaking will come as a welcome addition to the industry as well as the audience! The movie is simple, straightforward and hilarious. Three cheers to the whole team for making a clean and a good entertainer SunilIbrahim,AnandManmadhan,RahulNairR,Abhiram Suresh Unnithan, take a bow!

Anil Radhakrishnan Menon

Y! A good movie with an interesting plot and a thrilling climax .
Congratulations Sunil Ibrahim and the entire team.
Please watch it in theatres and appreciate their effort.

Aju Varghese

Congrats Team 'Y' !!!
Amazing reports !!!
Support the young passionate team !!!
"Lucky charm" Dheeraj Denny Sunil Ibrahim