Xiaomi Yi Action Camera
Xiaomi Yi Action CameraXiaomi

Smartphone users based in Asia and the Indian sub-continent know a thing or two about Xiaomi. The Chinese handset maker has been making news for quite some time with handsets like the Mi 3 and the Mi4 that mix great specs with pocket-friendly price tags. However, there's more than just smartphones in Xiaomi's locker.

Xiaomi has launched a new action camera that will rival the GoPro Hero, for the time being, in China. While the Yi Action Camera won't be available outside of Xiaomi's native country, but the device is selling for a remarkably low price tag of 399 CNY (just $64) and offers a handful of attention-grabbing specs to the users.

Xiaomi's latest device is a GoPro-like camera that's selling for a fraction of what its more illustrious US-based rival is charging. Usually, a GoPro Hero, the company's entry-level camera, retails for around $130. In comparison to that, Xiaomi's 'Yi Action Camera' is available for 399 CNY, which is around $64.

But what makes the new Xiaomi Yi Action Cam a better deal than the GoPro Hero? Is it just the price factor or there's more to it, in terms of specs and features? We take a closer look at 5 unique details of the new GoPro killer.

The Best Pocket-Camera Out There?
For starters, the Yi Action Camera from Xiaomi offers a super wide-angel lens with 16 million pixels. The camera is a great option if you are constantly on the move and don't really look forward to carrying lengthy and heavy equipments everywhere you go. The device is just 72grams in weight and doesn't require you to manually focus on the subject of your shot as a single click is enough to get the job done perfectly. You can later transfer your shots and videos to your phone via the built-in WiFi, alongside the edit and share button.

155 Degrees Super Wide-Angle Double Vision Lens
The lens support for the Yi Action Camera is as dedicated as can be. The 155 degrees super wide-angle double vision lens doesn't require you to spend time on focusing on to a subject. That aside, it's immune to any kind of shakes and shocks that might ruin a good shot. With HD optical glass lens in support alongside the 155 degree viewing angle, every image looks natural and professional.

All Conditions Resistant
Another area where the Yi Action Camera from Xiaomi stands in the same line as the GoPro Hero is the ability to use the camera in almost the natural conditions. The Yi Camera can be used underwater up to 40 metres, provided it's fitted with a waterproof shell, making it a great companion if you are a professional diver. But underwater is just the one frontier where the Yi Camera does well. It can also be used in several different conditions like on top of snow-capped mountains or in a desert.

Easy Attachment For More Dramatic Shots
Another good thing about the new Yi Action Camera from Xiaomi is the ability to attach it to almost anything. The camera can be fixed with a number of things such as a helmet, a car's dashboard or even on top of your pet. This gives you an element of surprise on the kind of photos that will come out when you check it out later. The idea of fixing the camera on top of your pet seems like a great deal.

Back-Illuminated Sony Exmor R CMOS
While the Xiaomi-made Yi Action Camera comes equipped with a super wide-angel lens with 16 million pixels, there's more to it than it meets the eye. The 16-megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor uses a back-illuminated image sensor technology, with characteristics related to high sensitivity and low noise. This means that even in cloudy conditions or night scenes and other low-light conditions, you can get excellent quality video images.