Xiaomi launched their long awaited flagship smartphone MI4 in India on Wednesday. Released exclusively in Delhi, the Xiaomi MI4 will be available at ₹19,999 exclusively through their flash selling process through Flipkart. The registration will begin on Wednesday at 6pm while the phone will be available on 10 February.

The sub ₹20,000 smartphone features a spectacular configuration and will compete with the ₹20,000-₹30,000 smartphones.

Find the images of the smartphone and the MIUI 6.0 interface in the slide show below.

  • Xioami MI4- Front View
    Xioami MI4- Front View- Looks pretty similar to iPhone 5S from the front. There are 3 buttons at bottom, Speaker grille and an array of senors at top.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4- Back View
    Xioami MI4- Back View- The glossy back looks nice and sturdy and also feels well in hand. The MI logo sits on the middle of the bottom while the 13MP Sensor and LED flash on the top center.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4-  Button Menu
    Xioami MI4- Button Menu- The 3 buttons feature regular menu, Google Now and back buttons and has been sparsely placed for single handed use.Anirban Roy
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    Xioami MI4- Top Fornt View- The speaker grille sits at the center while the selfie 8MP camera on the right and ambient, proximity sensors on the left.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4-  Top Bezel View
    Xioami MI4- The metal rim on the bezel looks reminiscent of the iPhone.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4-  Bottom Bezel View
    Xioami MI4- Bottom Bezel View- The mini USB charging port shares its space with the speaker grille.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4-  Bottom Bezel View
    Xioami MI4- Right Bezel View- The right bezel has been occupied by the volume rocker and the power/lock button.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami MI4-  Left Bezel View
    Xioami MI4- Left Bezel View- The left bezel of Xioami MI4 houses the mini SIM slot. The device features only 16GB inbuilt memory but sacrifices the Micro SD card slot. It also features a 5-inch FHD display, 2.5GHz Quad-Core CPU and 3GB RAM memory.Anirban Roy
  • Xiaomi MI4- Interface
    Xiaomi MI4- Interface- The Xiaomi MI4 features MIUI 6.0 interface on top of Android Kitkat 4.4.3. The MIUI 6.0 interface scores among the top Android interface for its colour palate, icons, fonts and texture.Anirban Roy
  • Xioami Mi4- Drop Down Menu
    Xioami Mi4- Drop Down Menu- The drop down menu looks smart and the icons are well laid. Sliding the drop down menu also gives the full fledged settings menu right on the screen.Anirban Roy
  • Xiaomi MI4- Call & Browser interfacce
    Xiaomi MI4- Call & Browser interface- Both the interface looks simple and easy to use. The stock browser features several useful links right on the home screen.Anirban Roy