Xiaomi Mi Band Successor Is Coming: Built-in Heart Rate Monitor And Everything You Must Know
Xiaomi Mi Band Successor Is Coming: Built-in Heart Rate Monitor And Everything You Must KnowIBTimes India

After throwing an incredible offer on its Mi Band by selling it for just ₹1, Xiaomi is back with the second flash sale for the wearable.

The Chinese tech giant will sell the ultra-affordable Mi Band through its official website starting 2pm on Tuesday, where 10,000 units will be up for grabs.

Only registered buyers will be able to participate during the sale. The registration window is now closed and interested buyers will have to wait for another week to purchase the fitness tracker.

Xiaomi's first flash sale for its Mi Band was a huge success, mainly due to the attractive discount. Mi Band is priced effectively at ₹999 for those who want to get started with fitness tracking at an extremely low price. But ordering the Mi Band through flash sales can be a challenge as hundreds and thousands of buyers register for the impending sale. The sale works only by first-come-first-serve basis and registrations do not guarantee a purchase.

With our experience with the flash sales in the past, we have a simple guide to help you through the flash sale process that can fetch a successful order. In this case, 10,000 units of Mi Bands will be available tomorrow for the entire nation, which can be a challenge for those who really want to buy the wearable in the first go.

Tips and Tricks for Mi Band Flash Sale

  • Log on to the company's official website a few minutes before the sale begins at 1:45pm on Tuesday.
  • Xiaomi runs a countdown just before the sale begins.
  • Having a stable and fast internet connection helps a lot (a wired connection is preferable).
  • Close all unnecessary browsers and tabs, especially if they consume a lot of bandwidth such as YouTube, during the ordering process.
  • Refresh the Mi Band sale page at regular intervals. This will update the real-time countdown.
  • When the countdown nears 60 seconds, refresh the page every second and ensure the countdown is not missing any seconds.
  • Match your refresh rate with your internet speed. People with high-speed internet will face less lag than those on a slower bandwidth.
  • During the last leg of the countdown, say 10 seconds, stay alert and place the cursor on the countdown.
  • After the final refresh at one second, if you have been refreshing the page every second, click buy as the countdown is replaced with a buy button.
  • Doing so will add the Mi Band to your shopping cart successfully and redirect you to the next page.
  • Complete the order by selecting the address where the product must be shipped, and making the payment. Cash-on-delivery option will also be available.

It is worth noting that there will be high demand for the wearable considering the first flash sale was concluded in seven seconds flat. Buyers must proceed to check out after a successful order as the cart will get emptied after two hours.