Following the amazing success of its ultra-affordable fitness tracker Mi Band, Xiaomi has launched a new fitness tracker device, dubbed AmazFit. The new fitness tracker is not only the successor of Mi Band, but it packs several new features as well.

Xiaomi AmazFit is a circular shaped module made of zirconium oxide and can be used like a bracelet or a pendant. Like the Mi Band, AmazFit also comes with IP68 certification and is fully protected from water and dust.

AmazFit supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and can be paired with any Bluetooth-based smartphone or tablet. It has a 15mAh battery with a claimed battery life of 10 days.

The wearable comes in two varieties. While the rubber band, which puts the module on the center gives it a watch-like look, another band will give it a bracelet-like look.

AmazFit will be available in several colour options and will be available in China from the middle of October. Xiaomi will initially unveil it in white and black colours and roll out some other colour options later.

Xiaomi AmazFit will be available for 299 Yuan, which is around $47 or Rs 3,107, Android Headlines noted.