China is the epicenter of coronavirus and now the entire world is gripped by the deadly virus, which has claimed thousands of lives and millions more are infected by it. With no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, the world is on a brink of its worst crisis since the last world war. If the pandemic continues at the current rate, we are looking at a serious crisis.

Crisis in China

While it all started in the city of Wuhan, where the disease widespread began and in a matter of weeks, infected millions around the world, China is being blamed for not taking any action sooner than it did and failing to warn about COVID-19 outbreak for days. The viral infection has claimed over 200,000 lives and there are nearly 3 million confirmed cases from around the world.

Xi Jinping
Xi JinpingReuters

China's Xi Jinping and his diplomats are trying to calm the waters, even if it means taking a tough stance against accusations and those questioning intentions. World leaders are also trying to "make China pay" for the outbreak, which rises some tensions in the world's most populated country. Adding to President Xi's troubles, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un's deteriorating health is worrisome. With both countries sharing the borders, China isn't ready to handle a chaotic country.

First daughter's safety a priority

With everything that's happening on the political front in China, President Xi's worry for his daughter is natural. The president has only one daughter, who graduated from Harvard. But even before the Coronavirus crisis began, President Xi was reportedly worried over the safety of his daughter in the midst of power struggle in the country.

US China
US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands.Reuters

President Xi, much like his daughter, considered the US safer than Beijing. Xi Mingzhe completed her undergraduate studies from Harvard in 2014 and had returned to her home country. But in 2019 or in late-2018, she re-enrolled for further studies in the school in Massachusetts.

Mingzhe pursued her studies under a pseudonym, giving her anonymity from the political status back in China. While the exact reason for Xi's daughter returning to the US remains unclear, observers see this as a move of a concerned father to keep his daughters out of harm's way - this is after putting the world at risk of a deadly virus, just as many countries have accused.

US-China relations

trump Xi Jinping
United States President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi JinpingThomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images

The US-China relations are not a secret anymore. Some even suggest there might be a cold war between the two powerful countries soon, owing to the mounting problems between the US and China. US President Donald Trump has been vocal about blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic, and the US is one of the five countries that seek payback and want to make China pay. Things surely have escalated between the two countries, but the US wishes the trade deal it has with China continues. The fact that President Xi has sent his daughter to the US could signal trust in the White House. But that is in no way addressing the grand scheme of chaos that China has unleashed upon the world.