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The upcoming Xenoblade X could easily be one of the top titles of the year, although Nintendo will still have to put in a lot of effort into it to make it reach that level.

However, given Nintendo's shady history with anything that's online, there's already a lot of scepticism as to how and if the company will be able to pull off the networking side of things.

However, with Xenoblade X's release, it might seem like Nintendo is finally ready to exorcise its online demons of the past and start afresh with a title that holds so much potential. And that might just be possible, owing to the new details are now surfacing related to the networking side of things.

Taking a close look at the online mode for the game, players will be able to find other BLADE members out there to recruit. Players will then get to use these AI recruits of other players in combat, "similar to the way you'd get Elma or Lyn in your party." Although note that your character may be used as part of another player's Network, as revealed by Siliconera.

The report also states that your character can be a part of a 32-man 'Squad'. Squads consist of 32 players in the same networks that are out exploring Mira, and they'll be there to help each other out. "For example, a character from your Squad may share reports on certain findings, like quest objectives, and everyone in the group will be able to check it out."

Note that by increasing your conquest development, you'll eventually run into "World Enemies." These are powerful giant enemies that are much stronger than Overed. And although they will be difficult to fight, they will drop powerful loot for the player.

As far as in-game mechs are concerned, there are three types of them to choose from – Light, Middle, and Heavy.

Light type have low HP but offer a high evasion rate, Middle-type are easy-to-use and well-balanced, while Heavy-types are bulky and require user-technique to control, but offer plenty of health and defence. However, there will be further classes and types available within the categories, which will be revealed later.

As expected, Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch in Japan later this month, exclusively for Wii U. Also, a release for the rest of the world is scheduled for later this year.