Xbox One
The Xbox One will coat £429 when it goes on sale in the UK on 22 November (Reuters)Reuters

A list of voice commands have been revealed for Microsoft Xbox One console right before its release scheduled for 22 November, 2013.

The Xbox One Kinect can understand only a particular set of voice commands to work smoothly. The console is said to support voice commands for 5 countries at launch, which includes US, UK, Canada, France and Germany, reports CVG.

Following are the list of voice commands for Xbox One Kinect:

System Commands

Xbox On - Wakes up Xbox One, turns on television and cable/satellite set-top box.

Xbox Turn Off - Puts Xbox One to sleep/off, can turn off television and cable/satellite set-top box.

Xbox - Shows menu of global voice command options and begins listening for the next command.

Xbox Select - Shows voice command options for everything on the screen that are supported. Shows channel shortcuts during full screen TV viewing.

Stop Listening - Stops Kinect from listening or cancels voice commands if Kinect is triggered during casual conversations.

Xbox Help - Shows help menu with available options.

Xbox use a code - Triggers Kinect code scanning QR codes

Xbox show notification - Shows on-screen notifications


Xbox sign in/out - Sign in/out an Xbox Live member


Xbox record that - records the previous 30 seconds of gameplay

Xbox start a party - Launches the Party app in Snap mode


Xbox volume up/down
Xbox mute/unmute - Controls volume of TV set

Navigation and Multitasking

Xbox go home
Xbox show my stuff - Returns to Home

Xbox go to (activity) - Launches specific games, tv shows, apps, notifications and sections of the dash

Xbox show menu - In full screen: shows menu for whatever is on the screen. At home: shows menu for whatever is in current window.

Xbox go back - Returns to previous screen or menu option

Xbox Snap (app) - Launches activity in snap mode

Xbox Unsnap - Unsnaps activity in Snap mode

Xbox Switch - Switches control of the activities in Snap mode and Fill mode


Xbox Skype (person)
Xbox Call (person) - Launches Skype call, must be a person from the user's Skype favourites list ion the Xbox console.

Xbox answer/answer without video - Answers incoming Skype call

Xbox hang up - Ends Skype call

Xbox send a message - Sends message to your Xbox Live Friends


Xbox watch tv - Launches cable or satellite TV from set-top box

Xbox watch (channel) - Changes cable or satellite tv to specific channel shortcuts are showing

Xbox show guide
Xbox One guide - Launches OneGuide for cable or satellite TV subscribers

Transport Controls

Xbox Play/stop/pause/fast forward/rewind/faster/slower/skip forward/skip backward/next song/previous song - Transport controls for the media playback, play and pause also work for gameplay

Xbox Play (music/video) - Launches video and music playback

Bing and Internet Explorer

Browse to (website) - Browses to the specific website when in Internet explorer

Xbox Bing (Name) - Launches Bing and searches for the specific item(s)

Some of the gesture commands for Kinect which includes Go full screen, return home, zoom in and zoom out, making a selection and grip and hold, can be also seen here.