Xbox One Update
Xbox One update to roll out in March. (Reuters)

Microsoft has revealed that its next-generation console Xbox One will have "exciting" updates that will be rolling out in March.

A selected group of Xbox Live members will be invited to view the new features that will be rolling out in March, said Microsoft on Xbox Newswire. People who are selected will get a message from Xbox Live containing a token to register. These few selected people will be able to test all features and will have to provide feedback.

What to Expect in Xbox One Update? - Xbox One users can expect major improvements on multiplayer and party experiences.

Meanwhile, Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Games Studios answered questions on Twitter, where he said that Microsoft will have a presence in GDC 2014 but it will not be big, but for E3 2014, we can expect most news.

He was also asked why a lot of Xbox One games run 900p and not on 1080p, to which he said:  "NO, I think you'll find over this generation games will use a variety of rez (resolution) and framerates."

Spencer also joked that Hironobu Sakaguchi's Final Fantasy for Xbox One will be releasing on 25 February. Sakaguchi, its creator is working on the Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG), Final Fantasy for Xbox One.

Microsoft Introduces Media Remote

Xbox One Media Remote
Xbox One Media Remote will cost $24.99. (

Microsoft has announced in a post that it will be introducing Xbox One Media Remote to Xbox One markets around the world in early March.

Xbox One Media Remote will allow its users to control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox On. The remote also has dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons. OneGuide button will help users to jump to their Favorite TV show and movie in Xbox program guide in one-touch.

The Media Remote will also glow in dark with is backlit buttons and has a design that fits comfortably in the palm. It can also control TV/Receiver power and volume via Kinect.

The Xbox One Media Remote will be costing $24.99.

OneDrive Now Available Worldwide

OneDrive will be available worldwide for Xbox users. (

Microsoft also announced that its OneDrive app will be available around the world and will be rolling out with updated features on Xbox, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. This will allow its users to connect all their content seamlessly on all devices.

Users can now share their gaming moments, play and watch slideshows. The app has auto-upload feature for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The cloud storage space given for OneDrive users when they get an account is 7GB. Users can also gain extra storage space by enabling their camera roll back up and inviting more friends.