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Microsoft will be soon releasing a new update for its next-generation video game console, Xbox One and it is dated for release in July. The new firmware update will be bringing the Snap Mode feature to the next-generation console. It will also include other features like choice for spoken languages, ability to 'like' favourite Game DVR clips and many others.

"As we head home, we can't wait to dig into your ideas and explore what may be possible for the future of Xbox. What better way to keep this momentum going than to share what's coming in July," said Major Nelson on his official blog.

He further detailed the new features coming in the July update for Xbox One:

Snap Mode for Achievements – Owners of Xbox One will be able to track and view their achievements. The progress of achievements can be tracked in real time with the introduction of Achievement Snap, all this can be done without players having to leave their game. Also players will be able to use the 'Get Help' feature to know more about the achievements, this feature will scan the web for relevant tips and strategy content and then deliver it to the owners.

Double-tap to Snap – Now owners can just tap their controller twice and this will bring the Snap Center on their screen – enabling them to launch achievements or other apps, all these without having to leave the game players are playing. Also, a quick double tap will switch between the game being played and the snapped app.

Choice of Spoken Language - Owners of Xbox One in New Zealand, Ireland and Austria will be able to select the voice control option of using ether English or German voice models from other countries. Also, expats living in an English speaking country can now choose other English language models that they might be comfortable with.

Future Digital Bundles and Compilation Discs – Microsoft Studios has assured owners that it is working on certain features that will give publishers more option for 'great digital bundle and disc compilation offerings' in the future. Though this feature is still in testing, owners will be able to find more flexible combinations of titles and game content.

'Like' Game DVR clips - Owners of Xbox One will now be able to 'Like' Game DVR clips and SmartGlass' activity feed items.

Major Nelson also revealed that the dedicated channel for feedback from owners and players – Xbox Feedback has more than 65,000 fans with more than 4,300 ideas being suggested and 181,000 votes being contributed.